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churchovacid's Journal

a fallen poet
28 September
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let me be the first to tell you, i'm one bad motherfucker.

acid bath, afi, aperfectcircle, art, ass, at the drive in, beer, bikes, biting, black metal, bleeding through, blood, blood brothers, books, borknagar, bowling, burnt by the sun, casino, chainsaws, chaos, cheese, chillin, chinese food, clockwork orange, clutch, coalesce, comdey central, concerts, converge, cradle of filth, cult of luna, danzig, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, dead kennedys, destruction, dillinger escape plan, dragons, eating pussy, emperor, esham, eyehategod, family guy, fire, flesh, flipping over cars, friends, front line assembly, fucking, funker vogt, genetorturers, goodfellas, gorgoroth, hate, haujobb, henry rollins, history, horror movies, huge fucking trucks, if hope dies, ion dissoance, isis, janes addiction, kevorkian death cycle, killing bitches, kmfdm, ladies, lard, led zepplin, legs, licking, locust, lords of acid, lucio fulcio, marilyn manson, mars volta, mastodon, ministry, minor threat, misfits, mosh pits, mythology, naglfar, neurosis, nine inch nails, nordic mythology, norma jean, ohgr, old mans child, one king down, pain, paintings, photography, piercings, playing pool, poetry, poison the well, project pitchfork, psychotica, rage against the machine, razed in black, reading, red hot chilli peppers, remembering never, ren and stimpy, riots, robert deniro, rorschach test, saturday night live, satyricon, scarlet, scars, science, scratching, self mutilation, sex, shrooms, simpsons, skinny puppy, slayer, sledge hammers, snot, solitude, some girls, soundgarden, southpark, sparta, stromboli, tattoos, the beyond, the bled, the doors, the sky, tool, tweaker, type o negative, underoath, vampires, vandalism, velvet acid christ, video games, vision of disorder, warfare, white zombie, will haven, writing, wumpscut, xiii pfp, zao, zombies